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Yashima (Fujiko) is a woman and works as a plumber. She is also uncomfortable with her own sexuality. One day, she visits a home for a job. There, she meets Kyu (Satsuki Maue). Yashima senses Kyu’s eyes watching her. They become intimate, but a dark secret is soon revealed.
Japaneseese movie Albino Free Watch Online HD copy
Movie: Albino
Romaji: Arubino
Japanese: アルビノ
Director: Toru Kamei
Writer: Toru Kamei
Producer: Takeyuki Morikaku
Cinematographer: Masato Nakao
Release Date: July 23, 2016
Runtime: 91 min.
Distributor: AMG Entertainment
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Quality: HD 720p

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