Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi 2016 Full Movie Download

Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi 2016 Full Movie Download
Malay movie Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi Free Watch Online HD copy
Aliff is a teenager who inherits a `saka` from his family. After inheriting it, Aliff gains a new ability. He is able to see and hear spiritual beings from another dimension. He has learned to ignore the spirits and never tells anybody about his ability. One day, he meets Zul, another teenager who possesses the same ability as he does, but unlike Aliff, Zul uses his `saka` to defeat the spirits and gain more power. Aliff worries that Zul`s action might causes the spirits to become even more aggressive, so he and his `saka` decides to stop Zul and his `saka`.
Language: Malay
General Release Date: 08 Sep 2016
Genre: Action
Distributor: Astro Shaw
Cast: Julianna Evans, Izzue Islam, Alif Satar, Aliff Aziz, Kaka Azraff
Director: Faisal Ishak
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