Download The Tunnel Korean movie English Dubbed

Download The Tunnel Korean movie English Dubbed
Description:The Tunnel 2016 is a regular automobile dealer, is his means residence with a special day pie for his daughter. As he crashes a tunnel, an astonishing anything takes place; the passage breaks down on him. Mins later on, he recognizes that he is actually completely captured between the fragments. Externally, this cracking information makes media excitement and also a thoughtless reporter even airs a live phone interview along with Jung-su, consuming his mobile phone batteries. An emergency situation feedback group is instantly managed to save him and also aims to keep the media controlled. As that comes to be a national issue, the federal government promises full help for the rescue. While Jung-su has a hard time to survive, a collection from foolish goofs problems the saving operation and also endangers his opportunities making this out alive. Quickly, he lacks water, meals, and also phone batteries, producing him totally incommunicado. Days pass with no success as well as people begin to drop chance or even interest in rescuing him. Offering presently.
Director:Seong-hoon Kim
Casts:Doona Bae, Jung-woo Ha, Dal-su Oh
Download: Click Here
Quality: HD 720p
Date Released:26 August 2016 (USA)

The Tunnel (2016) Trailer

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