Intern (Japanese Movie) Full Movie Watch English subtitle

Intern (Japanese Movie) Full Movie Watch English subtitle
Intern (Japanese Movie) Full Movie Watch English subtitle

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Movie: Intern
Romaji: Intan
Japanese: インターン!
Director: Akio Yoshida
Writer: Yoshinari Ota
Producer: Andrew Tamon Niwa
Cinematographer: Akiko Ashizawa
Release Date: November 5, 2016
Runtime: 103 min.
Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Switched Bodies
Distributor: TBS
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Haruka Kawakura (Yuko Araki) is in the 3rd grade at a university. She is about to be hit by a car, but she is saved by company CEO Masayuki Makino (Toru Kazama).Masayuki Makino wakes up in the intensive care unit at a hospital. There, a young man appears in front of Masayuki and introduces himself as the God of Death (Gaku Sano). The God of Death tells Masayuki that Haruka was supposed to die in an accident that day, but, since he saved her life, Masayuki’s fate has now changed. He will die soon. The God of Death tells him that the only way they can both survive is to change Haruka’s future. If Haruka becomes a high achiever as an intern and joins the company, Masayuki and Haruka can both survive. Masayuki comes up with the idea of possessing the body of Haruka’s friend Maki (Anri Okamoto) and helping Haruka become a successful intern.

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